Office of the Sinara Group Company

Thursday, 14 January 2016 14:33 а.г.CARTON
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Object: Office of the Sinara Group Company

Adress: Moscow, Chaplygina street

Task: To perform a restyling of reception zone and office rooms of the company in minimal ways:

  • wall painting
  • new furniture
  • lighting replacement
  • provide unhindered access to communications and wiring

Solution: We decided that the key items in the office of the company engaged in train car building should be models of trains. The elongated floor plan let to place some pedestals on the both sides of the reception zone for this purpose. This  pedestals are linked to the geometry of the beams on the ceiling. Vertical mirror stripes in front of each pedestal are designed to create the effect of the extended train. White glass panels along the entire length of the walls are removable and allow unhindered access to communications and postings, which was a requirement of the management company.

Color solution of the company logo became the basis for the solution of the interior reception area. The walls are painted white. Red accents isolate the reception desk area. Reception desk, coffee table, dresser, closet in the locker room, the screen on fire cabinets are made according to the sketches of white colored glass. The ceiling space between the beams are painted in the intense gray color and elongated rounded lamps, placed in this niches, create the necessary contrast.

The cabinet of the General Director is divided into two zones by a carpet of two colors, the darker part - director area, the lighter part - the conference area​​. Selected golden color for the walls gives the comfort and shades the furniture in wenge color. The screens on the battery and the blinds are made in the overall color scheme.

Reception and the office rooms, located on a different floor, also made according to the selected style solutions.

Authors: a.g.CARTON (Anton Lyubimkin, Ekaterina Lyubimkina)

Project time: 10.2013-11.2013

Implementation period: 11.2013-05.2014

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