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Common space: 36,2 sq.m

Number of rooms: 1


  • To redevelop the plan of the one-bedroom apartment with a mandatory agreement in Moscow.
  • As a result of redevelopment have two separate rooms.
  • The theme of the interior design should correspond to the "Botanical theme", as the Hortus of the Moscow State University is next to the residential building.
  • Use inexpensive finishing materials

Solution: Botanical theme begins to unfold from the doorway. Entering the apartement we come from gloomy everyday life in fairy forest with his "little sun". The entrance hall is the most eventful place of the apartment. Contrasts gradually dissolve in the remaining areas.

The theme of the room is reflected in the saturated color of the walls. Contrasts are also present, but no longer at the level of textures. The surface of a brick wall ot the "stove" designed to add cosiness th the room. Fireplace, certainly fake, although, if desired, can be used to enclose the DVD palyer.

In the kitchen, the theme of flora and fauna is reflected in the hand-painted tiles. Painted tiles made in the technique of painting with hot ceramic. The images were based on a wallpaper print of the 18th century. Niche is the reverse side of the fireplace oven and conseals refrigirator and some kitchen appliances. This solution helped to place all the necessary functions of compact kitchen, and some free space was gained for the sofa bed, which can optionally be expanded to double.

The unusual pattern tiles on the walls of bathroom is achieved by a conventional waterjet cutting of simple monocolor tiles 30x30sm.

On the loggia a panoramic windows and terraced decking are performed.


Authors: a.g.CARTON (Anton Lyubimkin, Ekaterina Lyubimkina)

Project time: 09.2012-02.2012

Realisation time: 02.2012-06.2012

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