Drinking fountain for the Royal parks, London, 2010

Sunday, 07 November 2010 14:50 а.г.CARTON
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Royal Parks Foundation Drinking Fountain Open International Design Competition, 2010


The idea of the fountain was to create an icon, that could be identificated with the London city. The plot of the conception became a font composition. On it's base the drinking fountains for the certain places of the city could be created or the universal fountain type - "WATER". In this fountain there is no closed water cycle. Water supply is brovided by pushing the button, extra water goes to the basin for the birds and animals. Thus the volume composition of the fountain is multifunctional. It can become the park decoration, that can serve as a drinking fountain where it's possible to sit and to relax as well.

Authors: a.g. CARTON (Lyubimkin Anton, Kayuk Ekaterina) + Leonid Demyanov

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