Project of the Art Gallery at Krimsky Val

Wednesday, 11 October 2006 01:12 а.г.CARTON
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PreProject of the Art Gallery at Krimsky Val, 2007

This project was based on the idea of guarding the historical building of the Central House of Artist at Krimksy Val. The volumes of the new gallery complex of the State Tretyakov Gallery as well as exhibitional squares of the Artists was proposed to build on the territory of the "Garden of Sculptures" in a terraced building descending to the Moscow river embankement, opening a nice views to water. The sculptures themselves was proposed to install on the green terraced roofs of the new building as an idea of the Vertical Garden. Exhibiton areas of the Tretyakov Gallery for the collections of the Contemporary Art was proposed to enclose in the Black Cube volume, that could be accociated with "The Black square" of Kazimir Malevich, as an quintessence of the Art of Avant-guard.

Authors: a.g.CARTON (Lyubimkin Anton, Kayuk Ekaterina)

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